20-Minute Home Practice

20-Minute Home Practice

20-Minute Home Practice

Here is a re-post from December 2010.  It has a 20 minute class recording in case you need a shorter home practice.  New recordings coming from Brian next week!

Thanks to a good friend, I have been experimenting with my voice recorder.  It took some inspiration, but I decided to record my early morning practice the other day.  This recording is not a full practice, but something you could do when you have a little bit of time.  The instructions are minimal since I was practicing as I spoke, but you should be able to follow along.  Again, this is a rough recording with no edits, but maybe one you can use as you travel or even if you are at home over the holidays.

Here it is:  20-min practice

I would love your feedback here.  If you enjoyed the practice or used this, let me know and I will be happy to make more.  Maybe I can convince the other amazing Greenville Yogis to make some recordings as well.

Much love to you and your families over the holidays!

In peace~  Liz


Elizabeth Delaney