It is our goal to bring inspiring guest teachers to the Greenville area, as well as offer workshops with knowledgeable, local teachers. We hope that you will find a variety of workshops and events that enable you to discover and learn more about your own yoga practice. Please arrive no later than 10 minutes before a workshop start time out of respect to our guest teachers.

If you are interested in our retreat schedule, please visit our retreats page and be sure to sign up at least four to six weeks in advance.

To pre-register for any workshop, you can pay online using the class calendar or bring a check to the studio.


Prenatal Yoga and Mom & Baby Yoga with Mary

December 17, 2017 

Pause this holiday season to connect with yourself and your growing baby.

Learn how to use yoga as a tool to support you physically and emotionally through your pregnancy and to prepare for the childbirth process and early postpartum recovery.  We will explore yoga postures that help to relieve common aches and pains of pregnancy as well as prepare and strengthen your body for childbirth.  Breathing exercises will aid in relaxation, calm your nervous system, and are beneficial to practice in preparation for childbirth and childrearing.

Mary creates a nurturing environment for you to befriend and connect with your body and growing baby.  In this safe space you are invited to notice sensations, to experiment with movement and breathing, and to practice being empowered about making choices that are right for you.

This class is appropriate for all levels and bodies. Pre-registration is highly recommended.

Time: Prenatal– 10:30-11:45am; Mom & Baby– 12-1pm
Cost: $15 each

New Years Events

December 30-31, 2017 & January 1, 2018

12/30 ~ Restore from the Holidays with Cari

This practice will be anxiety reducing and will help you re-set for the new year.  Cari will lead you through a restorative sequence to heal the body, heart and mind. Class size will be limited, so please pre-register to save your spot.

Time: 2-4pm
Cost: $20


1/1 ~ New Year’s Yang Flow with Matt

Start your new year with a little movement to shake things up.  Matt’s class will be a fun-flow sequence with some gentle floorwork to guide you into a deep savasana- the perfect way to begin 2018!

Time: 2-3:30pm
Cost: $20


1/1 ~ New Year’s Yin & Meditation with Kimmie

Experience a little quiet time for the mind and heart, as well as deep release for the body and soul.  Kimmie will offer a gentle yin practice to help you make room for whatever is to come in the new year.

Time: 4-5:30pm
Cost: $20

Winter Kirtan with Erick Herlong & Friends

January 13, 2018

The word kirtan stems from a Sanskrit root that means to cut through.  David Newman (teacher of kirtan) says kirtan is also “a practice for cutting through the idea of separation, for connecting to our hearts and connecting to the moment through sound.”

Please join us for a blissful evening enjoying the Bhakti Yoga practice of Kirtan, a tradition of singing universal mantras in a call and response format. Bhakti yoga is one of the four main yogic paths to enlightenment. Bhakti means “devotion” or “love” and this path contains various practices to unite the bhakta with the divine. One of those practices, Kirtan is the most popular path in the west, as it invites everyone to participate in whatever way feels right for them. It only requires your showing up with an open mind and a joyful spirit. During the Kirtan we will blend our voices to create a deep sense of connection to something greater than ourselves, as we purify our hearts and liberate our souls with this ancient devotional practice.

time: 7-9pm

cost: donations


Take It to the Next Level: Sankalpa, Yin & Tapas with Liz

January 20, 2018

This will be the first class in our once a month series- Take It to the Next Level.  Join Liz for a one of a kind event to kick off your commitment to yoga as a practice of self-transformation.  Sankalpa is the Sanskrit word for intention.  Yin relates to the spirit of quiet, internal listening, and the state of being.  Tapas is a Sanskrit word that loosely translated means “burning zeal.”  In this class you will create a personal intention and we will move through practice based on this intention.  The Yin and Tapas practices are very similar in that you will hold poses (both standing and on the floor) for longer periods of time (think 5 minutes or more).  Some of these times will feel uncomfortable. Can you stay through the inevitable discomfort?  Can you learn to respond versus react?  Can you bake this intention into your cells through the duration of this class?  This is a unique practice that Liz only offers once per year.  Don’t miss out on the fun!

time: 2-4pm

cost: $20 (free to Inspired Path Members)

Anatomy & Physiology for Yoga with Craig

January 27, 2018

Join Craig for this fun and highly informative workshop during which we will explore human anatomy and physiology as it relates to the practice of yoga. In easy-to-understand and down-to-earth terms, Craig will explain what happens for our bodies during our yoga practice. As a Registered Nurse (RN) and yoga teacher, Craig will also discuss how this ancient practice is merging with modern science in gaining a better understanding of how yoga can supplement preventative measures to help reduce the risk of certain chronic illnesses and conditions. All levels of experience are welcome, from complete beginners to well-established participants.

Class will include:

  • Welcome and introduction
  • An opening relaxation meditation
  • A one-hour basic flow yoga practice
  • A real-time, in-practice “seminar” on the anatomic and physiologic effects of yoga poses
  • A closing relaxation period
  • Q and A

This class is appropriate for all levels and bodies. Pre-registration is highly recommended.

Time: 2-4pm
Cost: $15 each

Take It to the Next Level: Heart Openers with Maryanne

February 10, 2018 

In the class we will explore stretches and strength building postures that enhance the backbend experience. You will learn to correctly set up, how to approach depending on your level, and different ways to deepen the backbend. The class will end with deep breath work and a guided heart meditation. This is an all levels of course.

time: 2-3:30pm

cost: $20 (free to Inspired Path Members)


Take It to the Next Level: Headstands with Caroline

March 3, 2018

Want to go upside down, but are too afraid to try?  This workshop will give you the confidence and tools you’ve needed to turn your world upside-down.  Join Caroline for a class focused on headstand.  You can participate at whatever level of headstand practice for which you feel ready, for example:
  • Safe inversion variations for those with neck injuries
  • A chance to try for the first time
  • Practice away from the wall
  • Leg and arm variations for those with a practice “away from the wall.’
There will be warm-up, standing balance, main section headstand variations, cool down asanas and a guided savasana.

time: 2-3:30pm

cost: $20 (free to Inspired Path Members)

Take It to the Next Level: Increase the Health of Your Pelvic Floor and Deep Core Muscles with Mary

Spring 2018 (date TBA)

Have you been practicing mula bandha but not sure if you’re doing it right or overdoing it?  Have you experienced stress incontinence or other indicators of poorer pelvic floor health?  Or as you build your yoga asana practice, do you want to build strength from the inside out?  Pelvic floor and deep core muscles need a balance of strength and flexibility for optimum functioning.  We will practice simple movements, breathing exercises, and visualization to bring greater health and awareness to this vital area of the body. This class is a wonderful adjunct if you are working with a pelvic floor PT.
Suitable for everyone from those new to yoga to seasoned Ashtangis.  Especially suitable if you are preparing for or recovering from pregnancy and childbirth.  This class is part lecture – bring paper and pencil – and part practice.

time: 2-3:30pm

cost: $20 (free to Inspired Path Members)

Take It to the Next Level: Yoga for Pain Relief with Kimmie

June 16, 2018

This class is for anyone who experiences pain- either chronic pain or intermittent pain or discomfort.  Kimmie will guide you through a gentle breath-inspired class (similar to her Flow for EveryBODY) but will focus on healing tools that include pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. These tools, once learned, can be used any place and any time.

time: 2-3:30pm

cost: $20 (free to Inspired Path Members)

Take It to the Next Level: Using Bandhas to Fly with Melissa

October 13, 2018

Learn to fly with ease in crow pose in this incredibly useful workshop prepared by Melissa. Bandhas are energetic locks in the body that can be used to assist our physical practices in yoga.  We will discuss and work with the bandhas and how to use them to create stability in your poses. We will explore the different ways to “get to know” and understand the muscles used in crow. If you already practice crow, we can work with side crow and possibly other arm balance variations.

time: 2-3:30pm

cost: $20 (free to Inspired Path Members)